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7 Signs it is Time for Staircase Repairs

Staircases are a completely vital part of a property.

If you want to move between levels, they are an absolute essential.

If you notice issues with your stairs, then you must make sure it is fixed quickly, or else you could experience plenty of disruption.

A key aspect of making sure your stairs are always in good health is to spot any issues quickly and make efficient repairs.

Here at County Stairs, I know the importance of a healthy staircase, and that’s why I’ve created this guide on 7 signs your staircase may need repairing.

Let’s take a look.

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The Importance of Carrying Out Staircase Repairs

The importance of making sure repairs are performed on your staircase (by a professional) when needed cannot be overstated.

Stairs aren’t just a vital element of a home, but they are also crucial for ensuring the safety of everyone who uses them.

Not all repairs are major issues, but they can certainly lead to much bigger problems if not dealt with in a quick manner.

These issues can range from needing a staircase replacement to accidents and injuries.

Fixing your issues in a quick time and making sure all repairs are efficiently resolved can help save you time and money further down the line and will also provide you with a functional and long-lasting staircase for all the family to use.

7 Signs You Have a Damaged Staircase

So, now you know how important an issue-free staircase is, here are seven signs you may need to act.

Loose Steps

One of the clearest signs that you need to act quickly to fix your staircase is loose steps.

This is when as you place your foot on a step and add some pressure, you feel some movement. If you do feel this, a repair is necessary to sure things up and make sure the next time you step on it you don’t fall through.

Loose steps are a sign that there is a problem with your structure, and it may be an indication of damaged support or weakened connections between your treads and risers.

While this may be quick to fix now, if your stair falls through, it could be a much larger job, and could lead to a dangerous situation if the stair gives way.

Cracked Steps

Another big sign that there is some structural damage to your staircase is if your steps are splitting and cracking.

Steps take a lot of pressure throughout their lifespan, and this can lead to them deteriorating over time.

Not just the step itself, but also the structure underneath has to hold heavy weight and it can be prone to issues, especially if not installed correctly.

If your steps are beginning to crack, you must take action immediately in case they may break fully and cause injury.

If your stairs are carpeted or covered, it may not be easy to visibly spot the cracks, but you may be able to feel them as you are walking up the staircase.

Squeaking and Creaking

Squeaky steps can be a big annoyance in any household.

Not only does the noise get on your nerves, but it is also a sign that your staircase may have significant problems that need addressing.

Squeaks are usually caused by friction between the steps and the structure and can also be caused by treads and risers rubbing together.

Over time, this friction will continue to wear your steps down and will lead to further damage if not dealt with quickly, so you must be quick to locate the sound and make sure the issue is resolved.


If you can see or feel that your stairs are about to drop, then something needs to be done to address this.

This is a clear sign that the structure of the staircase is damaged and is wearing down, and therefore action must be taken straight away or else your step will fall through.

If you ignore these issues, the sagging will only get worse until a much bigger issue is caused.

Another reason sagging staircases need repairing quickly is that they can cause trips. If you are walking up or down your staircase and one step is too high or low this will be very easy to trip over and could lead to injury.

Mould or Moisture

Not all issues with staircases are structural. You can also have ventilation and moisture issues if this is building up beneath your staircase.

If you spot the unmistakable sight of some mould or damp on your staircase, it is vital that you get it looked at quickly.

Not only can the spread and overexposure of moisture spread across your staircase and leave it in danger of more damage, but there are also some health risks that come with letting it grow.

It can also lead to your stairs becoming very unsightly.

The fix for this issue may be something simple but it may also require the structure of your staircase to be altered to allow for better ventilation and less trapped moisture.

Signs of Deterioration

Another non-structural issue is deterioration.

Whether your staircase is made from glass, wood, metal, or any other material, you must always keep an eye out to check for any signs of wear.

Some signs of this to look out for are examples of rotting in a wooden staircase, or rust in a metal one.

If you notice these signs, then not only can they be unsightly, but they can also lead to structural damage if left to spread.

If you would like to maintain the visual appeal and structural integrity of your property, replacing the rotten section and looking at preventative methods of keeping the rest of your staircase healthy is a must.

Excessive Bounce

If you are feeling a bit of extra bounce in your staircase while walking up, it is a sign that something isn’t right with the structure.

A well-constructed and properly maintained staircase should not showcase excessive bouncing or flexing when you step on it.

If you do feel this movement, then it could be a sign that your support structures have been weakened or damaged, and therefore it needs looking into.

If not dealt with, the structural issues may only get worse, and it could become a much bigger job to fix.

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County Staircases

If you’re looking for a staircase carpenter who can help you resolve any of the above issues and more (including staircase, design, renovations, and replacements), then why not get in touch with County Staircases.

I offer many different services, including refurbishments to bring some new life into an old staircase.

Want to know more? Then get in touch today.






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