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Staircase Renovations in Dorchester

Staircase Renovations in Dorchester

Staircases are more than just a way of moving between floors in your home. They can also be a design feature.

County Staircases are a staircase refurbishment company that services Dorchester and the surrounding areas. I cover all aspects of staircase renovation, including minor repairs, complete staircase renovations, and installing new balustrades.

I have years of experience working in this industry and have many happy customers whose staircases I have renovated throughout Dorchester.

Want to know more? Then get in touch below.

    Steps Taken When Refurbishing Your Dorchester Staircase?

    I can help you breathe new life into old, tired and often unsafe staircases.

    No matter how big or small of a job you need, I am here to help you every step of the way.

    Whether you need avice when choosing your new staircase and all additional fixtures, to getting to work and transforming your stairs in a smooth and hassle-free way.

    I always like to start with a clean slate, and that’s why I always begin by removing the treads, risers, hand and base rails, as well as the existing newel posts.

    I can then swap these with items of your choice. If you want a traditional wood, a modern glass, or something completely different, I can provide this and get it placed in your newly renovated staircase in no time.

    The next step is replacing your staircase with the new one. This is the fun part when the transformation becomes clear to see.

    I am a highly skilled staircase installer that can renovate your old staircase into the one your home deserves in just 1-2 days with often no major structural changes.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Check out some of my previous work below to see what I can do for your Dorchester home.

    glass staircase with carpeted steps
    glass panelled patterned staircase
    staircase with hidden storage

    Materials I Can Use to Renovate Your Dorchester Staircase


    Glass panels add a classic yet minimalist look and feel to any staircase and hallway. But most of all, It allows light to flood into an often dark and uninviting hallway.

    Choosing glass balustrading along with oak handrails and newel posts offers a simplistic design that doesn’t draw attention away from the adjoining wood, resulting in a very tidy and unified aesthetic look.

    Whatever style you currently have, either old spindle stair or panelling, it can be removed and glass can be installed – either an in-line glass staircase or a clamped glass staircase.


    With warm and natural tones, it’s easy to see why wood is one of the most sought-after materials for staircase refurbishments and renovations.

    Working with wood, especially oak, is a skill that I have mastered over many previous projects. I can offer a variety of design concepts, such as using solid wood treads and risers, stair spindles and combining oak with glass – the choices are endless

    I have a wide variety of staircase parts to pick from if you have a period home and want to restore your staircase to its former glory or want to give a more modern staircase a traditional appearance, and can often include custom-made spindles that exactly match the original.


    When combined with wood and/or glass, a staircase adorned with metal will turn any staircase into a feature staircase that is sure to impress.

    I can combine wrought iron metal features in many classic and contemporary designs; straight, angular, twisted or curved with a bespoke staircase that will give you the perfect finishing touch.

    glass panel of staircase
    oak staircase with glass panels
    metal staircase renovation

    My Dorchester Staircase Renovation Service

    I aim to make the whole process as easy and stress-free as we can.

    Any structurally sound staircase is eligible for renovation, but before beginning the design and renovation process, I will make arrangements to visit your property and undertake a structural check to ensure a renovation is the best course of action, otherwise, we may suggest a complete new staircase is installed.

    Following approval of the staircase’s structural integrity, I can then decide which design changes are possible and which ones are not. County Staircases will provide you with a wide selection of staircase design options combined with expert advice. I can help you design your dream staircase and then provide a no-obligation quote whether you’re interested in a new staircase or one that you are looking to renovate.

    Need Inspiration for Your Dorchester Staircase Refurbishment?

    Get in touch to discuss how your home can be transformed with a high-quality staircase refurbishment.