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How to Fix Squeaky Stairs

Squeaky stairs can be a big annoyance in your home.

If you’re trying to sneak up to bed without making too much noise, or just getting tired of the constant sounds as people move around your house, before long, you need to make a change.

Here at County Staircases, we cover many aspects of staircase renovation and refurbishment throughout Bournemouth and beyond.

Squeaky stairs and treads do need changing, and if left, may lead to further damage.

But how can you do this?

Well, here is a guide on just how to find the issue, and what to do when you do spot it.

Let’s take a look.

Common Issues Causing Squeaky Stairs

There are many issues that can cause your stairs to make a lot of noise, but here are five common ones that you may find:

  • Treads – If you have an issue with your treads, such as they are loose or worn out, this will lead to squeaking and creaking noises every time weight is placed on them.
  • Risers – Just like treads (these are the vertical pieces compared to the horizontal treads), when your risers get loose or worn, they can rub against the treads and cause noises.
  • Loose Fittings – Your risers and treads will be secured with screws or nails, and if these come loose, or are not installed properly, you will notice some squeaking.
  • Settling – Over time, if a staircase is not installed properly and doesn’t have the right support, it will settle, which means it moves. This can cause issues such as squeaking if things start rubbing together.
  • Insufficient Support – If your stairs are lacking support, they may not have the strength to comfortably hold the weight of people moving along them, which can cause noise issues as well as other problems.

There are many other issues, and many more reasons for them, but common reasons you will find are time wearing things down, items coming loose, and poor installation.

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5 Steps (Pardon the Pun) to Fixing Your Squeaky Stairs

So, now you know what may cause your squeaks, here is how you can resolve it in five quick steps:

Work Out What is Causing the Issue

The first step to a quick fix is identifying what is causing the problem.

We have run through some of the common issues above, so try and work out where the noise is coming from and if you can, inspect the different elements of the staircase to try and spot the issue.

It could be something as simple as a loose screw, or something much more serious that requires a more in-depth fix, but finding out what the problem is, is the first step in knowing what to do to get it fixed.

Try Some Quick Fixes

There may be some quick ways that you can silence your squeaking staircase without too much work.

For example, if this issue is a loose nail or screw, a few minutes with a hammer or a screwdriver may do the trick and your staircase may be nice and silent straight away.

Also, it is a good idea to try adding lubricant to some of the parts where there is friction, such as the meeting points between the treads and risers, as this is often a problem area. Simply add a lubricant such as silicone spray or WD-40 to the area you have picked out and after a short while, give it a test to see if the squeak has stopped.

These are quick fixes, and may help with your squeaking issue, but unfortunately it isn’t always that easy, and if these actions don’t fix your issue, then there are more steps that need to be taken.

Add Support Brackets

If the quick fixes don’t do the trick, then it can be time for some bigger jobs.

One of the issues that is causing the squeak could be a lack of stability, so adding support brackets could be a big help in fixing this.

These brackets can be made from metal but are often made from wood, and just need to be added to the underside of the stairs near the area that is squeaking to help add a bit of support.

Of course, if you struggle to access the bottom of your stairs, or may struggle with these more intensive jobs, you may need to jump to step five.

Replace the Worn-Out Parts

If there are sections of your stairs that are worn out, then there is no quick fix to solve this issue.

These elements of your staircase will need to be replaced.

To do this, you can carefully remove the old parts, and replace them with newer ones that are in a better condition.

It is vital here that you measure the length and width accurately when buying your new parts (if you can take an old part with you to compare this is ideal) to make sure you are buying materials of the right dimensions for the job.

You can find replacement parts at your local hardware shop or online, but for a job like this, it is always better to consult a professional who can make sure everything is installed securely and that the staircase is safe for use.

Hire a Professional

If you have tried all of the DIY solutions that you are comfortable with and there is still a squeak, then it is time to call in the professionals.

A staircase contractor will be able to diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action.

We have access to specialist tools and a wealth of knowledge which will mean that your staircase is fixed and back to normal in no time.

Once you’ve fixed the stairs, the job doesn’t stop there as well, and by using a professional, you will be sure to get a long-lasting, durable set of stairs that are noiseless as people move up and down them.

Let County Staircases Fix Your Squeaky Stairs

If you would like your squeaky stairs fixed, then why not get in touch with County Staircases.

I have years of experience in all aspects of staircase maintenance and refurbishment and would love to help fix your problems today. Why not take a look at our reviews page to check out some testimonials from our happy customers.






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